Content Management System

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Sreewebsoft is having huge amount of experience in creating open source content management system for different websites. We asses our client requirements and design an application according to their requirement. We employ open source CMS such as word press, joomla, Drupal etc...

What is Content Management system (CMS)

CMS is nothing but a medium to manage the content of a website. It is considered in two elements on the basic concepts of user and content:

Content Management Application (CMA)

The user with minimum technical knowledge can access the application from the Front-end user interface for adding, changing or removing the content from the website without a web master.

Content Delivery Application (CDA)

This application uses the information from CMA and compiles it to update the website.

Sreewebsoft understand the importance of content and CMS for marketing the websites. For example, in a search engine you searched for “website development”, the display banners will put forward the websites maintaining the content related to that keyword.

Sreewebsoft is an expertise in web content management system, component content management system and Enterprise content management system. We also create customized tools for our clients to modify their sites very easily and effectively.